Well ... In a few more days, The Donald will be in office.

For the first time, and I'm going on eighty, I didn't bother voting. Didn't see any reason to. No matter who won, I didn't want people to say it's my fault because I voted them in.

If I had, it would have probably been for Trump. My reasoning is that Hillary is just a normal politician, and I'm tired of that aspect, and couldn't face eight more years of the usual bullshit. At least Trump MIGHT get us out of that same'o same'o warlike political bent.

Before each election, I ask myself one question. Am I better off now than I was four years ago. Each time, I have to answer "NO!"

Sure, sometimes laws are passed that benefit me, though most either don't concern me or come out negative. Either way, it's only by accident. No candidate asks MY opinion, or listens if I dain to give it. Apparently neither cares if I exist or what I'm thinking. We poor citizens are simply out of the loop, our opinions ignored.

My most important political subject is the useless wars going on, seven at this moment. Most of the time the Republicans are for wars and the Democrats pay lip service to ending them. On this round, both major candidates were pro-war.

In the end, none of the candidates, at any level, have a bit of oversight. They promise what they think people want -- often the direct opposite of what they actually intend.

At least Trump, with his own wealth, will probably try to balance the budget and doesn't owe his soul to other wealthy individuals.

He's, at heart, a businessman, though impetuous and unstable. I don't think he'll care for playing general. He'll be more interested in financial stability -- though also in his own profit. Hell, find me a past president that didn't become wealthier while in that seat?

Charlie - hvysmker